Action Brings Clarity. Clarity Brings Emotional Calmness.

Take action on the projects you want to complete to bring clarity. Find out what works, what doesn't, and if it is a project you want to continue.

Action Brings Clarity. Clarity Brings Emotional Calmness.
Photo by Noah Silliman / Unsplash

Starting a new project can feel intimidating since you are about to embark on an unfamiliar path.

Some of the thoughts that may come to mind:

  • You don't know what to expect
  • You worry about what others may think of you
  • You don't know what it may take to complete your project

This looming cloud of uncertainty may increase your anxiety. Our minds are good at thinking of worse-case scenarios that will most likely never happen. It is our way of protecting ourselves from potential failure and embarrassment.

Taking Action Brings Clarity

To help clear up the looming cloud of uncertainty, take action towards making progress on the project in mind.

Each step towards action will help you determine what steps to take next. Learn to take action to bring clarity to the project instead of just thinking your way to clarity.

Taking action will help prevent you from falling into thinking traps. These traps are where you think about your approach to the project for far too long. It will also unlock new data to help you determine the next steps. The extra data may be things you wouldn't even consider if you were just thinking alone.

Go at it with the perspective of curiosity and experimentation. Trying out different things to see:

  • What works?
  • What doesn't work?
  • Is this project something I want to continue?

Clarity Brings Emotional Calmness

As you gain clarity on the project, your anxious thoughts will calm, and the worse things you were thinking either did not happen or, if they did, they were not as bad as you believed in your head.

A lot of times, our thoughts are the ones that hold us back from making progress on projects.

Taking action will help you push through your emotional storm of anxiety and fear until you get to the other side. The other side is making progress on the project, having calmness in your emotions, and a sense of accomplishment.

From this new state of emotional calmness, you may feel empowered to take more action, which will help you gain clarity on the project.

Action → Clarity → Emotional Calmness More Action → More Clarity


Refrain from letting the uncertainty of what it takes to complete a project stop you from starting a project you want to progress towards.

New projects may seem intimidating at first because of the unknowns. Still, they may also lead to excitement and increase our skill sets.

Our minds tend to think of various worse-case scenarios, which hold us back from taking action toward new projects.

Each step towards action helps bring clarity to the next step and helps calm down our anxious thoughts. The farther you go along in your projects, the more you will experience and make the most of your life.